Afternoon Lunch Menus

Lunch Cruises are available to groups of 20 or larger and can start as early as 10:30am and as late as 2:00pm.

The size of the group, the menu selection, and the physical abilities of the group determines which boat will be assigned to your event.

Combine the charter rate along with the lunch menu of your choice. Sales tax (5.6%), gratuity (18%) and a $100/hour fuel surcharge are additional. Coffee and Tea are included with all lunch cruise prices.

Choose 1 menu option for the entire group. Buffet menus provide mostly standing room with limited seating to provide a social atmosphere.

All food and beverage items and prices subject to change at any time. Prices and items will be reasonable and reflect current market values and availability.

Edelweiss II Lunch Charter Rate

20-60 pass.seated/20-110 pass.buffet-style

Miss Wisconsin Lunch Charter Rate

30-56 pass.seated/40-110 pass.buffet-style

Harbor Lady Lunch Charter Rate

58-80 pass.seated/80-145 pass.buffet-style

Lunch Menus
  • Lunch Option #1 Assorted Sandwiches (Buffet-Style)

  • Lunch Option #2 Picnic Lunch (Buffet-Style)

  • Lunch Option #3 Classic Lunch (Buffet-Style or Seated)